Compact living – the new housing in big cities?

Everyone knows that space is important for the way we move.
Neither to much nor to little space is comfortable for us. However, the idea of compact living has grown bigger and bigger in the last years. Designers have developed furnitures that can switch between different kinds depending on how we turn it.

Studiomama in London has created a home on 13 sqm with adjustable plywood furnitures. This includes a fold-out bed, a standing desk and extendable dining benches.

They looked at how caravans and boats are decorated and used this to create a space that seems bigger than what it is.
Each part of the house have their own function; creating a house with everything you need to live.
They have used the same material for floor, walls and ceiling to make the decoration come together.

They raised the question of what we need to live comfortably. How can we put this in use in a small house? How can we use every part of space to make this happen? How can we, with materials and textures, create a space that seems bigger than what it is?

References (also images) and more reading about this:


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