Medieval church renovated for a sustainable community

In Burford, England, Acanthus Clews Architects has renovated a church for the local community. The church is from the 15th century and was originally a medieval house turned into a school and later a parish hall. Since then, the building has not been used.

Until now.

The architects renovated the main hall and other facilities to better fit the church’s aesthetics. But they also wanted to make a contemporary impression with it.

They wanted to create a space that could fit different kinds of activities. This meant they needed to make it seem intimate and private but at the same time have it light and open.

They did this by developing the views and natural light on a small, vulnerable site. They put up glass overlooking the churchyard while letting in light. Added to this is black-out blinds. Skylight was built in to maximise how much light that comes in.

By drilling 120 metre deep boreholes in the garden they added a sustainable heating and cooling system.

References (including images) and for more reading:


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