Recycle rain?

Artist Matthew Mazzotta has installed a pavilion in Farmer’s Park, Springfield, Missouri, that generates water from the ground to create a romantic setting.

The little house has two ends open with a cloud hanging over it. The cloud is attached with a tube. Inside the house there are two rocking chairs and when someone sits in one of them sensors in the floor get activated. And it starts to rain over the house!

Pumps start to transfer water from an underground storage tank up to the cloud which in turn release liquid that simulates rain. The people inside the house will hear the atmospheric sound of rain against the roof (and maybe looking at the sunset at the same time) and the water that runs down the walls feed the plants growing on the side.

There are hidden gutters installed that collect real rainwater that goes to the tanks. This way the water is constantly recycled.
To make this house even more sustainable the structure is built of reclaimed wood from a nearby abandoned farm by a group of Amish builders.
The could itself was created from from a three-dimensional image file produced by scanning a maquette, then sculptured from EPS foam using a seven-axis robotic arm.

References (including images) and for more reading:


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