Interactive toys made for imagination

Thórunn Árnadottir, a designer based in Reykavík, has made devices from local Icelandic materials combined with broken toys. They are designed to offer something other than massproduced toys for children (and adults) to play with.

There are four different pieces, each of them with a recycled soundboard that creates a noise when the user interacts with it. The pieces are based on simple, geometric shapes and raw materials.

One of the pieces is a cube made out of lava stone that can be used as an elf house, which makes a tinkling sound when held.
An aluminium cylinder with a race car sound can be rolled.
There is also a furry ball made from sheep’s skin that bleats when being touched.
And, the last piece is a pair of cones made from pine wood. These can be stacked on top of each other and then creates a Christmas tree that plays festive music.

The designer has used soundboards from broken toys collected from flea markets in China. She has mixed these with materials from Iceland to give them a second life.
Árnadottir has said that she is fascinated by worlds that don’t mix and that she was curious as how to a kitschy electronic sound would mix with natural, simple shapes.

With objects made from this idea, they can be used as toys and sculptures and fits a wide range of ages to play with and for us to use our imagination.

References (including images) and for more reading:


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