Seagrass instead of plastic?

The idea of reducing plastic has been a hot topic for quite some time now. More and more designers are working their way to find new materials for a more sustainable environment. One of these are Felix Pöttinger.

This german designer, a graduate from the Royal College of Art, has created packaging boxes made out of washed up seagrass.

Using a cellulose based extract from the plant, the dried seagrass fibre is bound together. Once these are mixed the material is pressed together using a metal mould and then baked until it is completely dried.

Felix says that this material is not only biodegradable, it also has antibacterial qualities to keep your delicious, dry food fresh.

Since he only uses seagrass that appears on the beaches in the Mediterranean coast, there is no harvest on forest, or the environment. This adds up to this product being even more sustainable.

References (photos by Felix Pöttinger) and for more reading:


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