Co-working space made out of a warehouse

In Barcelona, Spain, the studio Appareil have integrated furnitures into the walls to open up a space, used for designers and architects.
The studio is based on top of a warehouse in the citys old industrial area.

The space is being used by Appareil themselves. You can also rent a place there and there we have it, a co-working space!

They have used the idea of a warehouse to leave an open working space, perfect for designers, architects and other creatives.
Two of the walls are covered with timber mills for storage and working areas. The only furnitures that actually do take part in the middle of the room are big tables and stools where you can sit with your laptop and work. These are, however, made to be easy to move in case you need it.

The studio mostly consists of white colour, combined with neutral tones from the grey concrete floor and light wood cabinets. Blue stools and tabletops give a bit of an edge to the rest of the interior.

One side of the studio has a timber surfaced kitchen and a bathroom while the other side has a floor to ceiling window and a balcony that looks out onto the sea. Not too bad, is it?

References (photos by José Hevia) and for more reading:


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