The wild park in the city


Red band Sportpark in Roosendaal (the Netherlands) recently went out of activitiy. Although this area is no longer used for sport, the community wanted to keep the space and create something else; for the population of the neighborhood.

The park itself is about 15 minutes biking from the city center, surronded by trees.

The idea of a wild park came from the intention of creating something from the nature by humans, for the environment and the public.

The main word of this park is sustainabil- ity. It needs to be environmental friendly and have something to offer to a big target group. And it should last long.

Few of the tracks will remain so you can go running or have boot camp sessions.
On the other tracks there will be a circular beer garden. This table is partly exploited by a restaurant that serves local food and beer. The other part will be used for people to eat what they would like to bring along.

There is a space where kids and adults can build their own playground together. Kids have the lead, after all they know what the playground need. It will be constructed of left over materials; such as old furnitures, branches etc.

Bushes and trees will be planted among with berries and fruits. This is for anyone to eat.
The crowd can also rent a 20 m2 slot to grow their own food.


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