The guitar chair

This idea was born with my loving passion for music and design. I find guitars to be a beautiful instrument (both to look at and listen to) and decided I wanted to make a chair of old guitars that are no longer in use.

Behind this chair there are three elements that have been important to me.

1. How can we make old products more sustainable?
2. How can we make new furnitures more environmental friendly?
3. How can I use my creative development to see and turn old products in to new furnitures?

I started with my imagination to look at objects in a new way. To see how an object could become a furniture by dividing the pieces and rebuilding it. By doing this I learned the enjoyment of this playfulness.


By using old guitars, instead of throwing them away, we do not need to use new materials. This lead to a more sustainable creation.

After collecting the guitars, the head is divided from the body.
The head will act as a back support and the body as the seat. The strings will be removed from the head to make it more comfortable. To connect the head with the body, a little piece of wood will be attached to both parts.

Under the body three legs will be added; one in the front and two in the back.


Since the guitars are being collected, the chairs get a unique look and keep its character. This also means that the sizes differs depending on the guitar.

The sizes of the chairs is about:
Height: 900 mm.
Height for seating: 450 mm.
Depth: 600 mm.
Width: 400 mm.



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