Slanted walls for a taller house

Studio Poly.m.ur built a house outside of Seoul for a family of three generations.
The house is at a scenic preservation zone at the foot of a trail that goes to Bukansan; a mountain in the Jongno District in Seoul.

The client wanted a house for him and his son’s family. He wanted a house with a view but the planning conditions only allowed the construction to be a two storey house with a maximum of eight metres. Lead architect Homin Kim realised that he could make the house 12 metres high if he made the roof angled in a ratio of 1:3.

Kim divided the house into five blocks. Three of these are two storey high and two of them are one storey high. This way he could make the roof in the angle it needed to be to make the house taller.

Using vertical stone louvres, the house is prevented from overheating. It also makes it blend in with the environment.

References (photos by Kyungsub Shin) and for more reading:


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