Loft decorated based on a video game

Los Angeles based architects CHA:COL has renovated a loft for a writer with inspiration from the popular mobile video game Monument Valley.
The apartment, located in the LA’s Arts District, was previously cluttered and resembled a stage set. Now the custom furnitures follows lines of geometric graffiti.

The residents, a novelist and a game designer, wanted a space where they could escape the city and recharge. They wanted a home where they could both live and work.
CHA:COL wanted to create a space that would motivate the clients creative flow as well as a harmonic home.

The architects divided the loft in to two areas: one private and a combined kitchen, lounge and study. Custom made millwork defines the kitchen just by the entrance and sets the lounge apart from the work space at the other side of the room.

The wood gives the space warmth, as it at the same time balances the brightness from the large windows. Both the palette and the layout is in reference to the game Monument Valley, which means that you in this apartment basically live in a video game!

References (including photos) and for more reading:


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