Huggable pieces of furniture for compact living

Lanzavecchia + Wai has updated their collection PLAYplay with new, colourful and huggable pieces of furniture. It was made for Journey East, a Singapore furniture store, with the aim of making lightweight and versatile design for people living in compact homes.

The collection includes:

A shelving system with either a red or orange part sticking out. The idea is to make the furniture look like two separate forms have collided and coalesced. The contrast between the wood and the colourful part makes this effect even stronger.

A media console based on the same idea. The piece is made of a wooden table put on top of a smaller, bright yellow one. According to the design duo they wanted the design to give the illusion of objects in motion.

A cabinet in wood with bright, colourful stripes. The furniture is surrounded by light metal piping. The effect they were going for was to lift and suspend the wooden volumes, with round corners that are friendly and beckoning.

A desk with the same base as the cabinet, with a wooden table top above brightly coloured legs that goes up and around the back of the piece.

The rounded forms have also been used for the collection’s Polqa Sofa. This furniture have inviting shapes and generous huggable proportions. For this they have also made small tables that can be put on the arms to store drinks, snacks or a good book.

A sweet and playful collection that gives the impression of space, invitation and hugging. How great isn’t that?

References (including photos) and for more reading:


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