Housing development inspired by one of the seven wonders

Architects of Invention has made a design for a residential space in Birmingham, England. The building is based on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and is called Garden Hill.

The building comprises two 25 storey towers with planted rooftop terraces in between. There will be about 500 apartments, all between 40 and 75 square metres. The towers will be built as a staircase and this design will allow terraces and gardens to take place on top of the units.

The two towers will be located opposite each other to maximise the sunlight. The southern tower will have morning sun and the northern tower will have evening light.

The units on street level can also be used for retail stores and along with the apartments there will also be studios for music recording and startups.

The architects said that the idea suggests a new model for live, work and play. They want to make the building almost entirely using cross laminated timber to improve its sustainable characteristics. The building is at a pre application stage with the Birmingham City Council going through the application.

References (including images) and for more reading:


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