Armchair with storage space

Blå Station, a Swedish furniture company, has developed an armchair by Stone Designs with extra space for people to put their bags, laptop and coats. The piece is mainly made for restaurants, bars and lobbies to keep them free of clutter.

The idea came to the designers, Eva Prego and Cutu Mazuelos, when they were at a ski-resort. With peoples goggles, helmets and backpacks stacked on the floor and tables they decided to make a furniture giving that extra space for storage.

The piece has the design of an armchair, but underneath the seat there is a built-in shelf for users to put their personal belongings. The chair sits on four steel legs. It is designed with a high back to give more privacy in busy environments. It comes in fabric and in leather and with a range of colours, such as orange, pink, blue and green.

The armchair is called The Pocket Chair, a descriptive and humorous name.

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