Sleeping nook in the shape of a white box

Studio AC from Toronto has turned a local apartment into a bright and open home with a cosy bedroom tucked away inside a millwork box. The project is for a young professional that wanted a living space that was equally fun, functional and unique.

The original, rectangular floor plan was turned into a L-shaped room surrounding the bedroom nook. To create a transition between living space and bedroom, the sleeping box has been placed on a slightly lifted platform. A rounded archway invites you into the sleeping area.

Inside the box the interior is a mix of white and plywood. The balance creates an atmosphere that is clean and warm. A small opening next to it leads into a walk-in-closet. Drapes cover the entrance and can be opened or closed, depending on how much privacy is required.

The living area starts with the entrance and leads you pass the sleeping nook into a lounge that takes place in the corner of the floor plan. The kitchen is placed next to the box. To create a depth of the dining space, the designers painted the back wall in black. It is in strong contrast to the white brick walls across the apartment and gives an interesting impression of the flats characteristics.

References (photography by Andrew Snow) and for more reading:


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