How pieces of furniture make a home

Carl Hansen & Son, a Danish homeware brand, built a mock apartment during the Milan Design Week. The purpose was to explore how pieces of furniture make a home.

The team experimented with the roles of different rooms. They wanted to show how occupants needs have changed during the years. For example by placing the kitchen in the heart of the house instead of hidden away.

To create a social area they made a ‘lived-in’ room with an open-plan dining area. Cabinets were made from dark wood while the dining table was paired with mismatched chairs. The company says “This newly important space for dwelling inspires the desire to surround ourselves with beautiful and enriching materials that add to our social encounters – a feast for all senses”.

The home also included a separate dining room set for special gatherings. This room was more formal with walnut panelling and a dining table of six seats. To make the room more atmospheric it was decorated with wood and incorporated pieces with rounded forms and low backs.

The study room was a passage between two rooms with the idea of making it as a fortress. The desk served as a workstation and a leather seating offered a place for home workers to relax.

Colours used in the home were dark contrasted with pale pink, blue, red, purple and grey, all inspired from the 1930s architecture.
A fireplace was installed to symbolise warmth and create an atmosphere.

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