Activity houses for the people – by the people

Voerendaal, the Netherlands, was looking for a way to make its inhabitants feel less lonely. They understood that too many was feeling sad and needed to connect with others.
To achieve this, we wanted to create a space where people could feel safe and accepted, while at the same time push them to challenge themselves and move forward. This would in turn have people feeling less lonely and happier.


The idea is to have the characters of Voerendaal build their own space and vote on what these should fill. The layout of the spaces is cubical (about 4000*4000*3000 mm) and made out of left over wood.


The activities are intended to release and fire up peoples imagination. The intention is to get the community to connect with each other, and themselves. By creating a purpose together they will have to listen and take action, making them stimulated. They will get to make an anonymous vote so even the most shy ones will get their voices heard.



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