Creating a better flow for social activities

This assignment is based on a family, Hansen, that wants to have a nice flow between kitchen and dining room. On top of that they would also like to have a living room and one room for watching TV and listening to music.

As presented on the drawing below, the current planning has a kitchen connected to a room with fireplace. East to this room is a dining room and south of it is another room.
To achieve their request, I have moved the dining room to the room with a fireplace. This way the kitchen and the space where they eat are connected. East from the dining room is now a living room where the family can spend time together. If the doors stay opened it will make a light and open impression.
The room south of the dining room will be the TV/music room. Since this room is more closed off it will give more privacy to both rooms and keep the disturbance to a minimum.


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