Creating flow with contrast

As home offices are becoming more and more common it is important to keep work and leisure time apart. While at work, focus and productivity is of high importance. At the same time, when at home, relaxation and recharging are a priority. This home is designed for just that.

This one floor house have one part for living and one part for working. To minimise disturbance a thicker wall has been set up between the two areas. A door connects them and makes it easy to access both office and home. An entrance has been built for each part, also for less interruption.


The living space has two bedrooms. These are away from the office side to not disrupt any rest or sleep for other family members. An entrance has been placed between one of the bedrooms and the office. A living- and dining room share space for a more social area. The toilet and kitchen are across the house from the bedrooms. The kitchen has a glass wall with a patio connected to it.

The office has a simple toilet, a sitting area and a kitchenette in the north part. Four desks have been placed on the south side. They are with some distance apart but still facing each other. This to create an atmosphere that invites for working together but also allows for working privately.

To create a contrast between the two spaces they have been decorated with two different styles that nicely balances each other.
The living space has a colourful, retro interior.
The office has been decorated with a clean and industrial style.



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