Diversities in uniformities

During 1964 – 1975, an initiative called ‘The Million Project’ was launched in Sweden. The idea was to build one million apartments in ten years. These suburbs were built around existing cities and were going to act as a small city with work, living and centrum.

Even though the inside of these apartments live up to a high standard, the building came to look the same with a cold, uninviting atmosphere. Later studies have shown that architecture and environment are important to how we feel.

Boundaries of property to identify us with is also essential. For example a garden, the colour of your house and/or a fence. The same study has also shown that citizens living in these suburbs are not experiencing the same life quality as others.


Since these suburbs are already built, the solution needs to be found in the current state. To get people to identify themselves in these areas, there need to be something to visually create this.

This can be achieved by painting the buildings in different colours. By doing so, each house will get its own boundary while it at the same time work together with the rest of the environment.

To get a more friendly atmosphere, boxes will be installed where citizens can grow their own herbs, spices and flowers. This will also be a place to meet and get to know your neighbours.



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