Family house

This project is for a family of four; two parents, a baby girl of one year and a nine year old boy. The parents wanted a home that was light and spacious; they wanted a place where they could relax but still have plenty of room for interactions. Both as family and with friends.

To create this I have divided the house into two parts: one for socialising and one with the bedrooms. The north side of the house has a kitchen, a combined dining room/living room/play area and a bathroom. The south part has the parents bedroom closest to the exit. Their room also have a walk-in-closet attached to make it less cluttered.
Next to them is the girls’ bedroom and next to her is the boys’ bedroom.

The girls’ bedroom is placed next to the parents to make it as easy as possible for them to get in there at night if needed. By placing the boys’ bedroom in the corner of the house he will get more privacy.

Outside the house is an extra storage room with a freezer and shelfs.


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