Remake the kitchen

Henriksson family, consisting of two adults and three kids, wanted to remake their kitchen. They would like to have more space for preparing food and a better flow.

The drawings below are the original kitchen. It is a single sided kitchen with a table for six. Since the room is fairly small, it is difficult to get in and out from the table if you sit next to the wall. If the table is full it is also difficult to do the dishes. The fridge and the freezer are not standing together and this disturbs the movement when cooking.
The drawing below is a suggestion of how you can make the kitchen more spacious without moving the walls. I have made a cornered kitchen; this way I can plan in more space to work.
I have installed the fridge and freezer next to each other and made more space to put your food. A smaller table has been inserted by the window. Now you can easily reach each seat and move around it. The kitchen also lives up to the requirements of the working triangle.
20170417_Modul7-03The kitchen is decorated with a mix of industrial style together with wood. Everything is made from eco-friendly resources.


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