Building houses inside of trees

As the tree sequoia is being damaged, both by being cut down in groves and the climate change shortening their life span, four designers in South Korea have an idea of how to keep this beautiful tree standing.

The designers, Ko Jinhyeuk, Cheong Changwon, Cho Kyuhyung and Choi Sunwoong, have made a suggestion called Tribute: The Monument of Giant. This project is based on building a skyscraper inside of the hollowed out trunk, keeping the tree standing.

The team means that deforestation is one of the worst crime of nature. By being able to be inside of the tree, the visitors will be able to learn about the natural wonders. They also say that the project attempts to show a new architectural approach to human coexistence with nature. By putting a skyscraper inside the tree, you will help it to keep standing but keep the breathtaking beauty of it.



References (including images) and for more reading:


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