Homes for those without

A home is something that everyone should have the right to. Sadly, this is not always the truth. There are those who do not have a place to go for sleep and recovery. Those who stay outside; no matter the weather or temperature.

Today, the lines between private and public are becoming more difficult to distinguish. Even so, there is no doubt that privacy is an important factor for our wellbeing.
And so this project was born. It has been developed with the belief that everyone should be able to have a place to go.

The houses are small cubicles that are made from MDF (leftover wood) with an inner dimension of 2500*2500*2500 mm. The cubicles will only fit a bed and two – three people.


The outside will be treated with protective oil for tough weather. A door is added to the cubicle for entrance. However, there will be no windows. The reason for this is to create a privacy for people normally living in public. It will also help keeping the temperature inside. To make sure that there is still light inside the cubicle, solar panels will be installed.


The cubicles will be strategically placed over the city to blend in with the urban flow. They will be placed on pallets to prevent damage and make them easier to relocate.
A 24-hour door lock with password can be installed to prevent it from being overcrowded. This password can be picked up at designated spots.



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