Recycling offices

The Hague (the Netherlands) has during the last years gotten more and more empty office spaces. With all this leftover room there is an opportunity to modernise the work environment; to create a more sustainable work flow.

This model is made from the perspective that everyone is different and needs to be met individually. We need to be able to choose the way we are most productive in, even in an office.


There is also a focus on relaxation and creativity. The way we work and the hours we do are not the same today as it used to be. The need of being able to get work out of our minds is more essential today. Even if it is just for a lunch break.

Therefore the office has been divided into two sections. One for imagination, inspiration and refreshment and one for work.


When you enter the office you have a lunchroom and creative space to the right. The lunchroom has tables, chairs and a small kitchen for cooking. It is also decorated with sofas, armchairs and bookshelves filled with books; everything you need to escape for a while. The creative space is on the floor plan empty with room for vision.

To the left you have the workspace. This is in itself divided into three parts depending on how you work the best.
1. A place for people to work in groups.
2. A place for a more relaxed environment with sofas and armchairs.
3. A place where you can work more individually.



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