Building kit for work and play

Arckit has launched a three dimensional modelling set that can be used both by professional architects and urban planners as well as kids. The company launched its first set in 2014 and has now made a follow-up.

It was at first meant as a professional tool for architects but it became highly popular also within education and by various designers and makers.
For their new product they wanted to keep their ideals alive while still develop a tool that opens up the world of architecture for more people.

The first modular system was aimed as a quick way for architects to build models instead of the traditional ‘cut and glue’ method. Since you can pick it apart when you are done, it is a sustainable product that can be reused.

The product got a lot of interest from kids and were also launched in toy stores the following year, an alternative to Lego.

The pieces are made from ABS plastic parts. They can assemble and disassemble as many times as you want.

References (including images) and for more reading:


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