Empathetic cabin in the Scottish mountains

The firm Moxon Architects has built a modern, little house in the mountainous landscape of Scotland. The cabin is made to provide space for entertaining guests and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Ben Addy, who founded Moxon Architects, has said that they were asked to create a building with the highest regards for the very special landscape it is located in. The client also wanted the building to have minimal impact on the terrain. The team decided to use this information both for the visual and the environmental sensitivity in the sense of position and form of the building and how it relates to its surrounding.
Heather, moss and stone was gathered from local hillsides to cover the roof, helping it camouflage it.

The design itself is inspired by the modernist work of the 20th century. You can see this on the rectangular glass windows interspersed along the walls. The cabins’ exterior is crafted from unprocessed larch wood. As it goes for the construction technology this building could actually have been built at any time in the last 300 years.

The interior of the house is made for socialising. A long dining table have been installed close to a wood burning stove, which makes it possible to use the space all year round.

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