Sofas made for a longer lifetime

Katrine Hesseldahl and Victor Strimfors, graduates at the Royal Academy of Art, has created a sofa that is meant to fight furniture waste. The idea is a modular system made from three layers that can be changed.

The sofa is from a bigger model that the designers used for their masters programme in Design Products. The model, called Strata, divides furnitures up into a skin, middle and base layer.


By doing this, the owner could change just one (or two) part(s) to create a new look of their pieces of furniture. This way you don’t have to through away the whole furniture and you will have less waste.

The designers got the idea after reading a report that highlighted the challenges of recycling larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas and beds. It is difficult to recycle these kind of products since they consists of so many parts and materials.  It is also a lot of work compared to the amount of material that comes out.


Generally, each layer in the Strata is made from one material to make it easier to recycle. The base of the model is made to be durable and long-lasting. It is also adaptable, as the framework of the sofa could be reused or extended for other furniture. By offering the middle and skin layers separately you also give the customers the possibility to customise their sofas.


References (including images) and for more reading:


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