Shelter for hikers installed by Bordeaux river

London based studio Weave has designed a shelter outside of Bordeaux where hikers can stay overnight for free. The form and material of this house is in reference to the traditional water towers in the area.

The cabin is part of a project by arts and architecture collective Bruit du Frigo, where several shelters have been installed around the French city.
The Refugees Périurbains project, which was developed in collaboration with visual arts organisation Zebra 3, wants to get residents and visitors to explore the surroundings of the city.
Hikers can walk along selected routes around Bordeaux and can overnight in 12 different, but unique, shelters; each designed to accommodate up to nine people.


Le Haut Perché, studio Weaves contribution, is located in the Parc des Jalles to the northwest of the city. The shape of the house is inspired by water towers surrounding the region. The shelter is situated by the end of the path next to the disused water mill which now is an office for the wildlife protection association.


It’s surrounded by a small woodland along a river. This river supplies Bordeaux with one of its main water sources. The five-sided form of the house has hooded roofs extending from each section; this to provide focused views and sounds from various directions.


The exterior of the shelter is made in wooden strips and is being carried on steel pillars, which reference to the existing water towers. A steel staircase leads you to an opening underneath the wooden house. The team wanted to make a place where hikers could protect themselves from rain or sun while at the same time act as a porch for the accommodation above.
They have worked closely together with Zebra 3 to develop a system for prefabricating the shelter off-site to minimise disruption to the sensitive landscape during construction.


References (including images) and for more reading:


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