Give your herbs life with waste water

Pratik Ghosh, graduate at the Royal Academy of Art, has created a filtration system for your home that is powered by herbs and purifies water from the kitchen. The system is called Drop by Drop.

The idea is built on taking care of plants under a glass dome. Pipes allow water to be added in to be purified, and later collected. The system is made for grey water, which comes from washing machines, sinks and baths.

In the dome there is a light that triggers the plants to photosynthesise and transpire. This way the water is drawn through the roots and onto the leaves. Here the air enters as vapour. A pump controls the airflow of the system and creates a vacuum to continue transpiration.


The moisture is then drawn out of the dome, and then condensed to form purified distilled water. This water can have salt added to it and be suitable for drinking. It also releases oxygen into the room.


References (including images) and for more reading:


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