Colourful interior for a vibrant atmosphere

The British designer Morag Myerscough has decorated the cafe inside the Bernie Grant Arts Centre in London with brightly coloured textiles, tiles and furnitures that she has created herself.

The building, designed by David Adjaye, opened in 2007 as a workspace that also offers rehearsal rooms. What Morag wanted to do with the cafe was to express the “exuberance and enthusiasm” of the cafe staff. She did this by covering the walls and furniture in bold, geometric patterns, things she has become known for.


For the furniture she has worked together with the artist Luke Morgan to update old pieces of furniture by different sections in contrasting, vibrant hues, as well as creating new pieces using reclaimed materials.

The designer have worked around the already existing concrete interior, creating a mix of the original design together with her own perception. For example with the bar, which she clad in Iroko wood to add warmth while also echoing the building’s original wood panelling.


Behind the bar you can find the ceramic tiles repeating the triangular patterns seen elsewhere in the cafe. Morag has also added plants and designed patterned textiles for the cafes seating. She says that “the repurposed furniture brings the domestic and familiar to this grand space and the large tables encourage conversation between visitors.”

She has also created new spaces where for fellow artists to make their mark and add their own layers and textures to the building.


References (photography by Gareth Gardner) and for more reading:


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