Pop-up train carriages to bring life into a city

In Aarhus, Denmark, the Danish studio AART have designed a one bedroom hotel, a public greenhouse and a set of pulling booths from a set of train carriages.


The idea behind this project was to bring life back into an area of disused railway tracks at the edge of the city centre. This area will next year be turned into a residential development. AART have worked together with non-profit organisation Givisme.


The timber-frame carriages are standing on wheels on a height of 4.5 metres tall and located along the old tracks, which has not been in use for over 36 years. Other than the hotel the place also hosts a variety of small boutiques.


The architects have explained: “Like any other city, Aarhus is affected by increasing urbanisation. The city is growing intensively, which is also giving rise to an increasing transformation of former industrial areas into residential areas. This kind of urban transformation is an integral part of the daily life in the city. However, the timespan between the political decisions and the completed transformations are often long – so, why not use this timespan productively and make the best of the areas while they are being transformed?”


The design for the train carriages is made by AART and Givisme, but by having people from different age groups and backgrounds from across the city help building they have created a valuable ‘community making’ aspect to the process.


The architects have said that they want the carriages to demonstrate how temporary architecture can provide new perspectives on a community-based and citizen-involving urban development.


References (including photos) and for more reading:


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