Recycled brick house on top of a garage

Austin Maynard Architects has replaced a garage in the Melbourne suburb to a house.
The house, called Brickface, was built for the client’s daughter on the site of their old garage and studio space. It’s located on a corner plot with a laneway on two sides.

The architects have explained:
“Melbourne’s property market is so inflated, that we’re now seeing a generation that are not only unable to buy a home, but also struggling to find affordable places to rent close to their work, school and community”.

However, Melbourne do have something that can help the situation. The city is strewn with under-utilised laneways that many owners are using to create a second residence in their backyard.


“These second residences are becoming fully independent studio homes for adult children, allowing them to save and plan, whilst continuing to contribute to the essence of Melbourne’s most vibrant and cultural suburbs”, the architects say.

This house has a garage on the ground floor, a studio living space with bright blue walls on the first level and a roof deck that functions as a garden.
A new pool and entertaining space is placed in between the existing house and the new building.


The building has a recycled red brick facade; features a slanting parapet, a pattern of contrasting red- and blue-glazed bricks and round windows. The architects have said that these unusual features help to introduce light and shadow, pattern and colour into the design while also softening the solid block.


References (photos by Tess Kelly) and for more reading:


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