Recycled materials for new pieces of furniture

Benjamin Hubert from Layer and the British furniture brand Allermuir has gotten together to create a new series of furniture. The collection, called the Axyl, comprises furniture pieces each made of reclaimed materials.

The frames of the chair, stool and table is made out of recycled aluminium while the shells, seats and tabletops are available in recycled wood fibre, timber or nylon.


By using recycled aluminium you only use five percent of the energy required to create new aluminium. It also offers significant cost savings.

Benjamin Hubert says: “At Layer we focus on finding new forms and formats that deliver something visually unique to the market whilst exceeding the necessary functional requirements.”


“With the Axyl collection, I believe we have created a stacking chair with a truly new expression embodied in the identifiable inverted Y-silhouette of the aluminium casting.”

The collaboration of the two companies is part of on ongoing commitment to working with companies to lower their impact on the environment.


References (including photos) and for more reading:


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