Dine under water with a view

Snøhetta, an architecture firm in Norway, has revealed plans to build a restaurant in the south part of the country that will be partly below sea level so that the guests can have their meal with a different kind of view.

The building will compromise a rugged concrete box with half of its body on the coastline and the other half in the water. It will mainly be used as a restaurant for up to 100 people but will also function as a marine research centre and as an artificial mussel reef.


Inside the box, people will be able to have a look through a huge panoramic window to observe sea life at first hand. The structure will become a part of its marine environment. It will rest directly on the sea bed five metres below the water’s surface.

The building will be called ‘Under’, which in Norwegian means both ‘wonder’ and ‘below’. The concrete walls will be about a metre thick, with the outside of the walls having a course texture. This way mussels can can attach themselves to the structure.


The entrance will be a huge frame-like oak wall. The dining room will be painted in deep blue and green hues inspired by the sea. The large panoramic 11 metres wide window spends the entire end wall of the space.


References (including photos) and for more reading:


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